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1. Where can I access frequently requested phone numbers?
2. Where do I vote if I live in the Village?
3. What are the Village Office hours?
4. Do I live in the Village?
5. What is the difference between Essex Junction and Essex Town?
6. What does being an incorporated village mean?
7. I live in Essex Junction, so why do I pay taxes to Essex Town?
8. If I'm being taxed by Essex Junction for municipal services delivered by the Village government and I'm also being taxed by Essex Town, what services does the Town provide?
9. If we must pay taxes to Essex Town, why not just have one local government? Wouldn't that be easier?
10. Are there any benefits to keeping the present local government system?
11. I don’t like sending large checks through the mail. Where do I go to pay my taxes in person and get a receipt?
12. Who do I call if I have a question about my homestead declaration and property tax adjustment?
13. If I’m an Essex Junction resident, where do I go for a zoning permit?
14. Who do I call to report a problem about a street, sidewalk, sign, streetlight, hydrant, or sewer?
15. If I’m an Essex Junction resident, can I still use services in Essex Town?