How do I use Do-Not-Disturb?

All TOE phones have the ability to use DND (Do Not Disturb). Using this feature locks the phone so that calls do not come into the phone. In DND mode, some TOE phones can even send messages back to other TOE phones such as, "Busy", "Leave a Message", "On Vacation", etc.

Some phones have a DND button programmed into one of the buttons on the phone. If so, you can turn on or off the DND function by simply pressing this button and selecting the message you want others to see. (DND messages below).

If you do not have a DND button on your phone you can activate the DND feature by simply entering a feature code. #370 will turn on DND. #371 will turn off DND.

Here are the DND messages available to some phones. You will get prompted for a message if you phone has this option.....

These codes are available inside your phone manual.

01 - Do not Disturb
02 - Leave a Message
03 - In Meeting Until......
04 - In Meeting
05 - On Vacation until ....
06 - On Vacation
07 - Call me at ......
08 - At the Doctor
09 - On a trip
10 - On Break
11 - Out of Town until.....
12 - Out of Office
13 - Out until.....
14 - With a client
15 - With a guest
16 - Unavailable
17 - In Conference
18 - Away from Desk
19 - Gone Home
20 - Out to lunch

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