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Community Justice Center
Phone: 802-872-7690
Link: Community Justice Center
Since 2003, the Essex Community Justice Center has been addressing the impact of local crime through Reparative Boards. Using restorative justice, volunteers are able to help hold accountable those who commit crimes in the Essex area, support those affected by crime and work to mitigate the impact of crime on all affected parties.

For more information on becoming a Reparative Board Volunteer, call 802-872-7690.
Essex Community Health Initiatives & Programs for Students (CHIPS)
Link: Essex CHIPS
Essex Community Historical Society
Link: Essex Community Historical Society
Essex Community Players
Link: Essex Community Players
Essex Rescue
Link: Essex Rescue
Essex United Soccer
Link: Essex United Soccer
Essex Youth Hockey
Link: Essex Youth Hockey
The Rotary Club of Essex
Link: The Rotary Club of Essex
1 - 8 of 8 Listings