Essex Town Facility Rentals

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. Fees must be paid in full, in advance, without exceptions.

Athletic Prairie Fields (Soccer/Lacrosse)

All Day$100$200
Tournament$100 Per Field and $25 Per Team N/A

Baseball/Softball Fields at Foster Road Park

Duration ResidentNon-Resident
Field - 1 Game - 2 Hours$25$50
Field - 4 Hours$50$100
All Day$100$200
Under LightsAdd $15Add $15
Tournament$100 Per Field and $25 Per TeamN/A
Camps$100 Per Field and $4 Per CamperN/A 

Indian Brook Camping

Per Night$15$20

Memorial Hall

4-Hour Minimum$25$50
Additional Hours$5 Per Hour$5 Per Hour
1 to 7 Days Rental$60 Per Day$80 Per Day
8 to 14 Days Rental$50 Per Day$70 Per Day
15 or More Days Rental$40 Per Day$60 Per Day

Sand Hill Shelter

31 to 60 People (3 Hours of use) Includes 6 Tables$45$75
Each Additional Table$10$10