Winter Service Freezing Prevention

With the upcoming cold temperatures reaching below zero in the coming days, the chances of water service lines freezing can increase greatly. On January 5th, 2016, the Town of Essex Selectboard adopted a policy to address water service freezing prevention during the winter months. This policy has standardized the process the Town of Essex uses to reimburse residents connected to the municipal water distribution system for running water through service lines to prevent freezing during the winter months. When it has been determined by a resident that their water needs to run to prevent their service freezing, the resident must fill out and submit an application for running water to prevent freezing. In order for a property owner to be reimbursed for running water, the applicant must also agree to the following:

·         That the applicant has read the Water Service Freezing Prevention Policy and agrees to all requirements.

·         That Water and Sewer personnel will have access to the property throughout the duration of the water running.

·         That the Town of Essex will not be held responsible for any internal plumbing issues that may arise during the water running.

·         That the applicant has been alerted to the potential for saturating their onsite waste disposal system if applicable and the Town of Essex will be held harmless for any damage that may arise.

If there are any questions regarding this notice, please contact the Public Works Office for further information at 802-878-1344.

Water Service Freezing Policy and Application