Town Merger Vote 2021

Upcoming vote on whether to merge the Village of Essex Junction and Town of Essex

The Town of Essex and the Village of Essex Junction each has its own government and elected board with taxing authority. For the past few years, the Town of Essex Selectboard and the Village of Essex Junction Board of Trustees have explored a potential merger of the governance of the two municipalities under a single charter. A Governance Subcommittee of the two boards reviewed governance models and organized focus groups and surveys with residents to help create the proposed merger plans. You can learn more about this work at  

Now, Town voters are being asked to decide on whether the Village and Town should merge. 

Village voters approved a version of the Essex Charter for a merged municipality in November 2020. The Town Selectboard voted to pose the merger question to all Town voters in March 2021. Learn more about the Selectboard’s merger work, including previous meeting minutes, and sign up to receive meeting notifications by visiting the Agenda Center

Essex Plan of Merger and Charter
Approved 1/11/2021, on Town ballot 3/2/2021 (pdf)

Essex Merger Charter

Village Essex Junction Plan of Merger and Charter
Approved 9/24/2020, passed by Village voters 11/3/2020 (pdf)

Essex Merger Charter - Trustee FINAL