Bring Your Business to Essex

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Major businesses have found Essex a welcoming and willing partner. Consider the recent rapid expansion of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and the permitting of 30 Allen Martin Drive.

Beginning in 2010, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) began to search across the country for locations to expand their business. GMCR already had a 150,000 square foot operation in Essex where they were filling and shipping the Keurig system’s K-cups. As GMCR searched for a location to roast more coffee, and to fill their world-renown Keurig K-cups and the new generation of single-brew cups - known as the Vue-Pack - Essex was among those considered.

After a comprehensive decision-making process, regular consultations with Essex staff and appearances before the Town Planning Commission and Zoning Board, construction started in fall of 2011. By the fall of 2012 the 350,000 square foot addition was completed. The aroma of roasting coffee now surrounds the state-of-the-art facility.

Existing Infrastructure

Essex community members and staff welcome the opportunity to work with your business to locate here. You will join a robust business community and have access to infrastructure serving companies successfully competing in the global marketplace from their Essex locations:

  • Educational resources are plentiful in the Essex area. Within 6 miles of Essex, five colleges educate the next generation of employees and entrepreneurs, including the University of Vermont. St. Michael's College, Champlain College, Vermont Community College, and Vermont Technical College are also in the area. Right here in Essex, the Center for Technology-Essex offers career-oriented education to adults and high school aged students.
  • Water is provided by the Champlain Water District, Vermont's largest regional public water supplier serving 69,000 people through 12 municipal water systems.
  • Natural gas is available in much of Essex through Vermont Gas Systems.
  • Green Mountain Power, Vermont’s largest electric utility serving over 80% of Vermont, delivers Electricity to Essex that meets the needs and high standards of IBM’s chip fabrication plant, among others.
  • Broadband and telecommunication services connect to all corners of the globe. You will have choices among a range of providers - including Fairpoint Communications and Comcast. is a Vermont resource working to expand broadband statewide where you can research your telecommunications options.
  • Wastewater treatment services are provided through the Essex Junction Wastewater Treatment Plant and governed by the long-standing Tri-Town Agreement between Essex Town, Essex Junction, and neighboring Williston.

Business Inquiries & Locations

Essex Town’s staff would love to talk with you about the opportunities and options for doing business in Essex. You may reach them at 802-878-1341. To start the process, please call and the Essex Economic Development Team will respond quickly.

For businesses considering locations in Essex Junction, please also contact the Village of Essex Junction’s Community Development Director, Robin Pierce. You may call him at 802-878-6950 or email Robin.