Doing Business in Essex

Businesses Located in Essex - Leaders of the Vermont Economy

Businesses located in Essex provide quality jobs to Vermonters from all corners of the State. The top group of employers - 11 companies employing more than 70 full-time employees - meet payroll for more than 7,200 workers.

The top employers in Essex are a veritable Who’s Who of Vermont and international companies. IBM’s microelectronics fab is a global leader, making chips (aka microprocessors) that find their way into the consumer products in homes across the globe. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters just expanded in Essex to roast coffee and fill Vue-Packs for the next generation Keurig one-cup system. And Revision Military is designing and fabricating state-of-the-art eyewear and helmets to protect Americans and our allies who serve in harm’s way. These corporate leaders are joined by an all-star cast of successful enterprises:

Major Employers

With these companies leading the way, Essex hosts the greatest number of jobs in Vermont associated with high-value added products and services. In 2013, Harmony Information systems joined this group and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is adding up to 300 employees the construction of additional office space.

For more information on Essex's largest employers, view the Profile of Major Employers in Essex, Vermont (PPT), a PowerPoint presentation prepared by the Economic Development Commission.

CompanyNumber of Employees
IBM Microelectronics3,800
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters800
USCIS - Department of Homeland Security700
Autumn Harp250
Revision Military170
FoodScience of Vermont155
The Essex Resort and Spa100
Catamount Color85
Vermont Systems85
Harmony Information Systems80

Vermont Business Directory

The most complete compilation of data on businesses in Vermont is captured in the Vermont Business Directory, published as an electronic database and annual special publication of the Vermont Business Magazine (VBM). In the downloadable file, you will find a listing of the 168 businesses (99 in the Town outside the Village, and 69 in the Village) listed in the Vermont Business Directory. This listing is in PDF format and sorted by number of employees. The most current information on Vermont businesses - including those in Essex - can be viewed online at the Vermont Business Magazine directory.

Any Essex business wishing to be included in the Essex list and would also like to be added to the VBM Directory, please download this form (PDF) and send it to Vermont Business Magazine. There is no charge to listing with VBM. To correct business specific presented, please email Darren Schibler.

You can join a vital, growing community by bringing your business to Essex or by starting and growing it here. We want to hear from you. Please let us help you create jobs as you grow your company - you will be in good company!