Essex Common Burial Ground

Essex Common Burial Ground Established 1794

This cemetery is a beautiful historic cemetery in the heart of Essex Center right next to the Town Common.
It is located at 1 Jericho Road and contains markers from 1792 to 1961, many of which have seen the effects of time.

The Essex Common Burial Ground cemetery was established in 1795 and is the final resting place for many founders of Essex. One member of this group was Captain Samuel Bradley, a Revolutionary War veteran. More information about the cemetery and the area can be found at the Essex Community Historical Society.

This cemetery no longer has sites available for new burials but welcomes the public to visit the property and view the results of a 2019 restoration project in all stones were cleaned and several damaged stones were rebuilt. While much was accomplished, there are still areas that would benefit from attention. If you wish to contribute to future projects, donations sent to the Essex Town Cemetery Commission are welcome.

Hours of operation are from May to December during daylight hours.
General Rules:
  ~ Refrain from loud, boisterous, or obscene talking or language
  ~ Illegal drugs and alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the cemetery
  ~ Littering of any type is prohibited
  ~ Visitors are prohibited from defacing, damaging or destroying any plants, lawn, fence, structures, trees, bushes, or memorials.

Headstone photos are courtesy of Clint Russell.