Patrol Division

Uniform Services DivisionWelcome to the Patrol Division of the Essex Police Department. The Division provides 24-hour police services to the communities of Essex and Essex Junction consisting of a total population of 22,000 combined within a 36-square mile area.

Staff & Equipment

The Division consists of three Sergeants, six Corporals, nine full-time, and seven part-time patrol officers. The officers respond to a wide variety of minor and major incidents throughout the community. 

The Division includes marked police cruisers and police mountain bikes.


The Patrol Division has a variety of experts that provide professional assistance to other police departments and the Vermont Police Academy.  Whenever we encounter a major increase in burglaries, larcenies, or acts of vandalism, members of the Patrol Division and Criminal Investigation Division join together to form a Special Operations Unit to combat those problems. The Special Operations Unit utilizes a variety of means to apprehend criminals either with patrol vehicles, mountain bikes, or foot patrol to monitor targeted areas.


The department has an on-going training program which requires officers to obtain a minimum of 30 hours of certified training every year which includes annual qualification with their department issued handgun, First Aid, De-Escalation, Use of Force, Domestic Violence and Fair and Impartial Policing. This training is conducted locally or at the Vermont Police Academy

Additional Information

For any questions, comments or suggestions relating to the operation and administration of the Patrol Division, you are encouraged to call 802-878-8331.