Property Crimes

Property crimes are generally considered crimes of opportunity. Therefore anytime you can reduce a "would be" thief's opportunity you increase the chances that you will not be the victim of such a crime. Great examples of reducing opportunities are:

  • Locking and securing your home when you are away
  • Locking your vehicle
  • Keeping valuables safely stored and out of sight
  • Engaging in activities where you and your neighbors watch out for one another, and each other's property. When suspicious behavior or activity occurs call the police.
  • Well placed lighting and careful consideration to where trees and shrubs will be placed can play an important part in reducing your vulnerability.
  • Mark your property and record a description that will provide you and the police with identifiable information in the event that your property is stolen.
  • Do not leave pocket books or wallets unattended in your vehicle or in a shopping cart.
  • Never provide credit card information to strangers for unsolicited purchases.
  • Review all monthly statements and charges for legitimacy.