Stormwater Management Plan

The Town of Essex and City of Essex Junction collaborated to submit a joint Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) to the State’s Department of Environmental Conservation in January 2019. The SWMP is a detailed document that outlines what actions the Town and City plan to take to address stormwater impairment within the Indian and Sunderland Brook watersheds.

The Plan also discusses future measures that will be taken to comply with the Lake Champlain Phosphorus Total Maximum Daily Load Implementation Plan issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Town and City are required to reduce the amount of phosphorus entering the Lake by approximately 20% from developed lands for the Mallets Bay and Main Lake Segments.

Annual Reports

The Town is required under the MS4 permit to submit an Annual Report by April 1st to the State detailing actions taken in order to meet compliance with the permit. A copy of the report workbook can be found under Related Documents. 

Additional Information

Complete copies of the document and past annual reports are on file at the Town Public Works Department and the City Wastewater Treatment Facility. Please contact Annie Costandi at 802-878-1344 or Chelsea Mandigo at 878-6943, ext. 1705 with any questions.