Assessing Department

The Assessing Department is responsible for the assessment of all taxable real estate for the purpose of establishing the grand list. The key staff member is the Assessor.


  • Assessment of all taxable real estate
  • Make information available to:
    • General public
    • Other departments
    • Outside agencies
  • Our primary responsibility is to assess all real property in the municipality in compliance with applicable Vermont State Statutes. In most instances, this will be fair market value. This includes annual maintenance, such as updating changes resulting from zoning permits, structural changes or improvements to the property, as well as periodic revaluation.

Information Available

  1. Property assessment information as of the most recent April 1st
  2. Property ownership information, mailing addresses as soon as we receive the information
  3. Physical attributes of taxable properties

Records Available for Review

  1. Property record cards
  2. Tax maps
  3. Transfer and ownership information
  4. Computerized maps

Items Available

  1. Copies of Assessor produced records
  2. All of our tax maps and the street map can be downloaded for free, use the link in the left column.

Copies of documents officially lodged with the Town Clerk, such as deeds, plats, the Official Grand List, etc, should be obtained from that office. Copies of proprietary materials should be obtained from the owner.

Current Tax rates and Tax Bills are available through the Town Clerks department.