Request for Excess Waste Fill

The Town of Essex Public Works Department periodically receives requests for excess waste fill that is generated from Town construction projects such as ditching, waterline excavations, and other activities. In the past, an informal arrangement was used with a list of those landowners who have requested the fill. In most cases, the most important issue was how far the site was positioned from work that the Town was undertaking. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide the fill without some degree of control and assurance of environmental control at the locations where the fill is to be deposited.

Effective on June 1st, 2012, excess fill from the Town will only be provided to those landowners who have met the following requirements:

  1. Submitted an application on an approved form requesting Town fill and agreed to the terms and conditions on the form.
  2. Allowed an inspection of the portion of land where the fill is to be placed by a Public Works employee so there is some degree of assurance that the site is not environmentally sensitive (for example, a wetland).
  3. Received approval from Public Works for the deposition of fill at the designated location.

The Town will maintain a list of approved sites where the fill can be placed. Being on the list does not guarantee that a landowner will receive fill. The issue is one of both availability and distance from the project the Town is undertaking. However, in the absence of an approved permit for fill, the Town will not bring fill to the site.

Forms may be obtained from the Public Works offices at 5 Jericho Road, Essex, Vermont, here on the Town's website, or by contacting 802-878-1344. Any questions on the issue can be directed to the Public Works Offices.

Dennis E Lutz, P.E.
Public Works Director / Town Engineer