Drinking Water Quality

Over the past few months, there have been many news stories regarding contaminants in drinking water. This has raised concerns among many families throughout the nation and here in the Town of Essex. The Town of Essex purchases all of its municipal water from Champlain Water District (CWD) and has done so for decades.

CWD functions as the wholesale supply reservoir for high-quality water from which approximately 75,000 people and associated businesses obtain their domestic, commercial, industrial, and fire protection needs throughout Chittenden County. The top priority of CWD first and foremost, is to provide safe and affordable drinking water to all member water systems throughout Chittenden County.

With water quality and safe drinking water being on the minds of many due to the events in Flint, Michigan and the groundwater concerns with PFOA in the Southern part of the State, our community can be assured that CWD has some of the finest and most qualified water professionals in the industry providing drinking water to our community.

Below are a few links that may put any concerns regarding water quality issues to rest.

  • WCAX News Story
  • CWD Corrosion Control Program
  • CWD Optimized Corrosion Control Program
  • Information on PFOA

It remains a critical goal for CWD to provide the very best water and fire protection service for residential, commercial and industrial users in each municipal water system within the service area. If you have further concerns or questions regarding CWD treatment practices, please contact the CWD at 802-864-7454.

Aaron Martin
Town of Essex Water Commissioner