Planning & Zoning Application Forms

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Please note that in some instances you may need more than one application. Please read all instructions carefully and when in doubt please call our office at 802-878-1343.

You must be in contact with our offices - in other words, you cannot just fill these forms out and mail them in. All applications must be submitted to our offices and approved by the administration before any construction can begin.

All of the forms below are also available at our office.

Types of Forms

Also, please be aware that as of November 21st, 2005 there is a new Stormwater Ordinance in effect that must be adhered to. Additionally, the State of Vermont has mandated energy code certification and you can visit their website for more information.

Document Format

The following documents are all in Adobe format. We are sorry, but at this point in time these documents are not interactive. If you wish to fill one out you must print it out and fill it in.

  1. Building Permit
  2. Certificate of Compliance
  3. Development Applications
  4. Energy Code Compliance
  5. Home Occupations
  6. Sign Permit
  7. Stormwater Ordinance
  8. Additional Forms

Building Permit Documents