Indian Brook "Ice Out" Contest

Soon enough the birds will start chirping and Vermont will begin its thaw for the Spring. A time of year when we're all a little happier to welcome the change of season, leaving the cold and dark Winter behind. But good ole Vermont Mother Nature has a habit of playing tricks on us by seemingly making those last little bits of Winter hold on for a long time. 

So we are going to make things interesting this year. Do you think you know when the ice will thaw at Indian Brook this Spring? 

Essex Parks and Recreation is hosting an annual Indian Brook "Ice Out" Contest. Once frozen our staff will place a weighted object attached to a rope out on the ice at Indian Brook Reservoir. The rope is then attached to a clock on the shore. Once the object goes through the ice, the rope will pull out the batteries, giving us our winning time.

If you enter the closest prediction (date and time) without going over, you win 50% of the contest pool. The remaining 50% will go to the Essex Parks and Recreation Youth Scholarship Fund.

Tickets can be purchased online, by telephone, or in person at 81 Main Street in Essex Junction.

1 ticket is $3
2 tickets are $5
5 tickets are $10

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