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Essex Selectboard meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of the month. Meeting agendas can be found in the AGENDA CENTER. Meetings are held in person and online via Zoom. There are opportunities to be heard during meetings.

Public information sessions

The Essex Selectboard hosted two facilitated, public information and question/answer sessions to hear from residents. View the recorded sessions on the main Administration page.

Public Forums Re. Budget FY24: Q & A, Comment - Aggregate Comments from July 27th and August 4th, 2022

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Suggested ARPA Projects

Updated 07/14/2022

Stormwater Projects
Ewing Place/Susie Wilson culvert rehabilitationStorm drainpipe rehabilitation
Storm drain closed circuit TV inspection

Transportation Projects
Roads, walks and pathsHandicapped access
Connecting trails, GIS mapping, benches along trails

Buildings Projects
Essex Police Department window fix Memorial Hall - insulate crawl space
Essex Police Department heat pump fixMemorial Hall - structural repairs, energy efficiency focus
81 Main Street - roof top unit HVAC problemEssex Free Library - front brick work repair
81 Main Street - gutter water problemEssex Free Library - front doors and roof
Mitigating future pandemics/influenza outbreaks by upgrading ventilation systems and CO2 monitors


Mask purchase for residents or schoolsMemorial for people who have fallen to the COVID-19 pandemic
Participatory budgetingMitigate climate change
Land for new town offices in Town of Essex
Tax relief

Capital Projects
Acoustic water leak detectionSewer pump station control updates
Water system SCADA monitoringEmergency stand-by generator
Sewer pump station SCADA updatesWaterline replacement in the Town
Designate funds for use in long-term capital projects specifically related to improving the public works facility, the fire station, and recreation facilities (pool)