Volunteers for 2016 Street Tree Survey

About the Program

Adopt-a-tree is a public-private partnership created by the Town of Essex to promote a healthy, vibrant, and diverse urban forest. Community members take on basic responsibilities to care for trees, and help keep an eye out for major tree problems to which the Town should be alerted.

See a map of all Town trees, including those available for adoption.

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See our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Adopt-a-Tree Program.

Read the Town's Tree Care Policy to learn how public shade trees are managed.

Tree Care Basics

Tree adopters will monitor overall health, and let the Town know of any issues such as safety concerns, broken or damaged limbs, or pruning needs. You will monitor for pests or other threats, and keep the tree mulched. Newly planted trees will need occasional watering while they are becoming established, particularly during dry periods. You may be asked to do some simple mitigation measures, for example, putting up caterpillar barriers for Lymantria dispar (formerly known as gypsy moth).

The Town will still be responsible for any major work needed. For example, you should not do (or contract out) any pruning, pesticide treatment, or dead limb removal. If the Town has placed watering bags or stakes on new trees, you should leave those in place until they are removed by the Town. And naturally, you would not do anything that would harm the tree, such as inserting nails or screws, or tying cords or ropes around the truck or limbs. If you have questions about anything in particular, please contact the program administrator.

Learn more about general tree care from the VT Urban and Community Forestry Program.

Meet our Tree Adopters

Sample rocks for Adopt-a-Tree program

Profiles of Our Trees

The following table provides links to basic information about common Essex street trees from the Vermont Urban and Community Forestry Tree Selection Tool, as well as links to other sites with more detailed information.

Common NameScientific Name with VT Tree Selection Tool LinkOther Resource
Eastern RedbudCercis
Honey LocustGleditsia
River BirchBetula nigraUniversity of Minnesota Extension
Red MapleAcer rubrumUniversity of Minnesota Extension
Northern Red OakQuercus rubraArbor Day Foundation
Pin OakQuercus palustrisBartlett Tree Experts
HackberryCeltis occidentalisUniversity of Minnesota Extension
Ash (white, green, black)Fraxinus spp.
Malus spp.
Eastern White PinePinus strobus
Bartlett Tree Experts
American ElmUlmus americanaUniversity of Minnesota Extension

Contact the Program Administrator

Katherine Sonnick, Community Development Director
Community Development
81 Main Street
Essex Junction, VT 05452
(802) 878-1343